Our Mission

To provide support for charitable initiatives that deliver educational, cultural, sporting, community and healthcare benefits, predominantly through the provision at Royal Porcelain Works, a flexible facility in the heart of the city of Worcester to encourage increased participation in the arts and education - via engagement of the local community and the encouragement of tourism. The Bransford Trust has a particular focus on the development and wellbeing of young people and seeks to support activities that provide facilities and create opportunities in line with this emphasis. The Trust invites applications for funding from organisations that will be used to enable work aligned with its objectives.


Funding & Applications

Organisations’ activities that deliver cultural, educational, sporting, community or healthcare benefits for the Worcester area. 

What we fund

All requests for grant funding from the Bransford Trust should be submitted online via the application system on this website. 

How to apply

Submit an application to the Bransford Trust for grant funding of your initiative under either the Main or Fast Track Grant schemes. 

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