What We Fund 

The Bransford Trust supports activities and initiatives run by organisations - including charities and community groups - that deliver benefit to local community in one or more of the following qualifying categories: 

  • Culture – encouragement of increased participation in and access to the performing arts. This category also includes support for local heritage, via initiatives that encourage preservation of the area’s history and culture. E.g. Worcester Live.
  • Education – support for the creation of vocational education opportunities, that help people to work in a trade or craft and support roles in other professions, such as engineering. Vocations are usually based on manual or practical activities, traditionally non-academic and related to a specific trade. E.g. Severn Valley Railway
  • Sport – encouragement of increased participation in sport and physical activity including improvement of associated facilities e.g. Malvern Outdoor Centre
  • Community – support for community facilities (e.g. community spaces, theatre facilities) with the aim of improving the lives of local people with particular need due to age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage e.g. Malvern Cube

Your application must clearly fit within one of these five qualifying categories, but please note though that this consideration does not guarantee provision of grant funding. Applications that meet the specified category criteria are considered for an award entirely at the discretion of Trustees, whose decision is final. It should also be noted that the Trust has a particular focus on the development and wellbeing of young people and will prioritise its funding of applications accordingly. If your application does not meet one of the above five criteria, it will be rejected without further consideration. Additionally, the Trustees are looking to form long term collaborative partnerships. If your organisation does not feel able to commit to forming such a relationship, them it is hightly likely your application will be rejected.

Furthermore, the Trust does not fund individuals, commercial activity or public sector bodies and prioritises support of initiatives designed to create a step change or expansion of an organisation's charitable activity over support for its day to day operating costs.