Terms and Conditions

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Submissions Policy

You agree that no submission made by you to the Bransford Trust via this website will violate any right of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy or other personal or proprietary rights. You further agree that no submission you make to the site will be or contain libellous or otherwise unlawful material. You are and shall remain solely responsible for the content of any submission you make.

Specific Terms and Conditions of Grant

  • All grants are made strictly against the terms of the application received. Any material changes to applicant activities, initiatives and circumstances must be notified to the Bransford Trust. 
  • Grants awarded are not transferable.
  • Grant awarded will not be increased in case the cost of the applicants activities of initiative increases.
  • Grants may be awarded with specific conditions attached (including the need for the applicant to secure match funding for the Bransford Trust’s award before any payment is made) and these conditions must be satisfied by the applicant in all cases. If the specific conditions of grant are not met within a stipulated timeframe then the grant award will be deemed to have lapsed. If a grant is subject to specific conditions e.g. the applicant raising the balance of funds required elsewhere; then the applicant must notify the Bransford Trust in writing to confirm that the conditions have been satisfied, before payment of the awarded grant will be made.
  • The grant should appear separately identified in the applicant organisation’s financial records, which should be made available to the Bransford Trust if requested.
  • A summary evaluation report, detailing the outcomes of the applicant’s activity or initiative - including a brief financial assessment - shall be submitted to the Bransford Trust within six months of the end of the project or term of the grant. Organisations receiving grants for activities taking place over two or more years should submit a report at the end of each year to ensure remaining scheduled payments are made.
  • All applicants consent for the content of their summary evaluation reports, as well as their organisation’s name and logo, to be used by the Bransford Trust in any public relations work - including publication via the News and Case Study sections of this website.
  • Any form of acknowledgement of a Bransford Trust grant award, by use of the Trust logo or with other wording, should be notified to and agreed with the Bransford Trust prior to publication. 
  • Payment of grant awards will be made only by BACS transfer to the bank account of the applicant organisation, that must be under the control of its managing Board or Committee.
  • All applicants that are awarded a grant are required to confirm receipt of payment.
  • The Bransford Trust conducts all correspondence regarding grant funding via this website and the functionality of the application process contained within it. 
  • All funding award decisions are made entirely at the discretion of the Trustees of the Bransford Trust and their decision is final.