Worcester Rowing Club

Worcester Rowing Club junior squad has grown from single figures to almost 90 very active members in less than 10 years.

As a consequence the junior squad has become highly successful, with almost every junior competing (and winning) regularly throughout the year at local, regional and national events.

This success has put enormous pressure on the juniors’ existing fleet and created an ever increasing demand for more equipment. Rowing boats and oars are expensive so our juniors, not wishing to be a financial burden to the club, decided to take matters into their own hands. For the past few years, the juniors have been hard at work, raising funds to purchase their own boats and now have a fleet that is the envy of many clubs. Their impressive facilities allow them to provide rowing opportunities for young people from 13 to 18 years from upwards of 20 local education schools. In 6 years, their juniors have raised in excess of £90,000.  

The Bransford Trust became aware of their efforts early on and over time has supported them with several generous donations towards the purchase of junior sculling boats and oars. 

Juniors Coordinator, Peter Powell says, "it is no coincidence that one of the attributes to impress the trustees is self-help! Our juniors have become very adept at raising funds for their own boats, taking the pressure of the clubs’ limited resources. However, even they need support as they set themselves ambitious targets which many thought unachievable. We are delighted to say they proved the doubters wrong. We are truly grateful, not only for The Trust’s support but also for the interest the Trustees show in supporting our vision of developing rowing for all juniors, including juniors and young adults special needs."