Culture Case Studies

Sing UK

Case study image for Sing UK

Over a five year period, the Trust worked with Sing UK providing exceptional, high quality choral singing opportunities for hundreds of young people. Read more...

Worcester Live

Case study image for Worcester Live

Worcester Live is a registered charity that runs Huntingdon Hall and The Swan Theatre in Worcester. The organisation is the main arts provider in the city. Read more...

Vamos Theatre

Case study image for Vamos Theatre

In September 2015 The Bransford Trust made it possible for Vamos Theatre to create a brand new youth theatre. Read more...

Croome National Trust

Case study image for Croome National Trust

Thanks to the generosity of the Bransford Trust, we have been able to employ a full time trainee in the Garden and Park department at Croome. Read more...


Case study image for Dancefest

The Bransford Trust’s support for Dancefest helps us to deliver our mission to be an outstanding community dance organisation. Read more...

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